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Provo, UT--3/16/07--4:08:20 PM--.Ben McPherson stands by his next painting that, when is finished, will be 10' by 17' feet and made up of three panels and will depict Jesus' crucifixion....*************************.This is a story about the Provo artist, who's recreations of Biblical scenes are featured in a new TV version of the NPR radio show "This American Life." Ben is 30-something, a former surfer guy, and not professionally trained as an artist, but very smart and works hard to provide inject vitality and humanity into mural-sized paintings. Please shoot a portrait of him in his studio (the address is for his house; he'll direct you to his studio), as well as him with one of his large religious paintings and his photograph recreating the crucifixtion. For example, he's used scaffolding under the waters of Utah Lake to photograph a model of Jesus walking on water, and built three crosses for a photo of the Resurrection, and then paints the image from his photos.... Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune.File #_1CD5875....`.