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Salt Lake City, UT--4/15/07--1:38:55 PM--.Pictures from the North American Gelande Ski and Telemark Jumping Championships presented by Dynastar and The North Face held at Snowbird..**********..Pro Division.1st Place:Rolf Wilson.2nd Place: Eric Wilson.3rd Place: Josh Hanson.4th Place: Nick Hendrickson.5th Place: Bruce Stott.6th Place: Pat Arnone.7th Place: Lynn Wenzel.8th Place: Mike Wogrin.9th Place: Kyle Lockhart.10th Place: Thane Chase.11th Place: Anders Johnson (hurt).12th Place: Brent Wilson (hurt).13th Place: Scott Jansa (hurt).14th Place: Andy Atha (hurt)..Amateur Division.1st Place: Scott Berry.2nd Place: Lucas Gazienica.3rd Place: Dillon Maurer.4th Place: Sarah Hendrickson.5th Place: Christian Hanson.6th Place: Marcie Hahn.7th Place: Dex Mills.8th Place: Kyle Fowler (didn?t jump last day)..Telemark Division.1st Place: Charlie Cannon.2nd Place: Frank Young.3rd Place: Courtney Anderson.4th Place: Andy Hunter (hurt)...A new Snowbird hill record was set by Rolf Wilson, a distance of 240 feet! ..Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune.File #Galande Jump CD 10....`.