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Spanish Fork, Ut --11/17/2005--2:20:22 PM..Kiplyn Davis', center, in the Spanish Fork High School year book sophomore photo. ..In the decade after Kiplyn Davis disappeared, two of her fellow high school drama club members allegedly told more than 20 acquaintances the girl had been raped, killed and buried in a canyon. One supposedly said he was the killer and got a friend to provide an alibi for the time of her disappearance. But despite so much talk, the case turned cold and no one turned in the suspects. The U.S. Attorney's Office revived the investigation two years ago and this year obtained perjury indictments against five young men -- the two drama club members who appear to be responsible for Kiplyn's disappearance and three friends who provided an alibi or lied to investigators about what they had heard. Todd Hollingshead and I are trying to talk to teachers who knew Kiplyn and the suspects; friends of the suspects; and friends of Kiplyn's families; and Spanish Fork residents. We want to know why so many people kept silent for so long. Was it fear? Misguided loyalty to a classmate? Why does it seem that no one involved in this had a conscience? We're still setting up where we're going. I've asked Kiplyn's parents to talk to me and want to get picture out of her yearbook of the drama club. We'll probably go to a cafe and do man-on-the-street interviews about what this conspiracy of silence (as the prosecutors call it) says about Spanish Fork...Photo by: Chris Detrick/The Salt Lake Tribune.File #_K2O6259