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SLC,Utah--1/11/06--12:39:25 PM-.The symbol of the Shriners..Their symbol is a crescent turned downward with a sword over it. For esoteric reasons the horns point down representing the setting moon of the old faith at the moment of the rising sun of the new faith. The sword is placed over the crescent because it represents the sacred word of truth. ...The Salt Lake Masonic Temple was completed in 1927 and was built in 1 year, 3 months, and 22 days. The architect of the temple was Carl W. Scott and George W Welch..***.Peggy Stack is doing a Faith story on Dan Brown's new book, which is about Masons and Mormons. (Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code.) We're looking for images from the Masonic Temple...Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune.File #_1CD7528