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Wendover,Utah--1/15/06--2:58:24 AM-.At about 2:58am Sunday morning, the Stardust Probe streaked across Wendover, Utah, as seen from the Wendover Air Field..This was photographed with a Canon Mark IIn digital camera with a 70mm lens and a 4 second exposure at f/6.3 at ISO 1600..****.Patrick Wiggins, and other die-hard space enthusiasts, will gather at Wendover Air Field to "watch" but more likely listen to the NASA Stardust probe streak over head. It will land in Utah's west desert. Weather is likely overcast, but Wiggins (if no one else) is committed to being there. Likely to be much TV media surrounding him and the others. If clouds part, there is also a chance you could get a shot of the probe streaking across the sky...Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune.File #stardust CD 4