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Salt Lake City,UT--3/24/06--3:29:41 PM-.Arnold and his wife Heidi enjoy a laugh in their Salt Lake home..Arnold Friberg in arguably Utah's most famous artist and a nationally prominent artist. This is a profile of him (his wife will also be in the story, to a much lesser extent). His oils formed the basis upon which DeMille based many of the scenes for the "10 Commandments." Friberg was nominated for an Oscar for best costume design for that picture. Friberg is the only American artist commissioned to paint Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. His "Washington at Valley Forge" painting is the nation's top-selling print. It's appraised at $12 million. His portrait of the queen at $2.5 million. Friberg is 92. Many Utahns know him for his epic illustrations or painting that were used to illustrate the Book of Mormon. He is a hero in Canada for his signature ?and heroic ?paintings of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police. He also does Westerns. Casino owner Steve Wynn has one. Do does Steven Speilberg..Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune.File #_1CD3239.