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Salt Lake CIty, UT--7/5/07--7:14:49 PM--.Cincinnati Reds professional Scout Jeff Morris, background, and Philadelphia Phillies scout Dave Ryles, foreground, use a radar gun to measure the speed of the Bee's pitcher...*************************.This is a look at professional and amateur baseball scouts. At least one pro scout is scheduled to be at the Salt Lake Bees game on Thursday the fifth. There may be more. One of the photos should be of the scout(s) sitting in the stands behind home plate with his notebooks, stop watch and (maybe) radar gun for pitching velocity..I am also interviewing a local amateur scout, a "bird dog scout" Howard Nakagama. He should be at the game and we would like a portrait type of shot. The photog may want to come at 6:30, 30 minutes before the game..Chris Detrick/The Salt Lake Tribune.File #_2CD9232....`..